New Home Buyer’s Agent

A Unique New Home Buyer’s Agent

I’m a real estate broker and agent who specializes as a Buyers Agent. My several decades of knowledge in the building industry and in new homes sales set me apart from other brokers and agents. Buying a new home is a different experience than buying an existing home on the market.  To have an agent who understands how builders work, the construction process, and how to navigate delays and construction issues will make the difference for you. And it’s what I specialize in. 

Personalized Concierge Service

  • Walk through support at each step of the new home process, from negotiation to final document signing
  • Help with Design Options Questions and even Design Support
  • Assistance with setting up your utilities in your new home
  • Boxes and help with movers for day of move
  • Follow up with the builder’s Customer Service Rep on any outstanding warranty issues

The idea that you’d be getting a discount on the price of the new home if you purchase it without an agent is false information. It’s an unethical practice that reputable builders do not endorse. My expertise will guide you to the best deal for you.

Builders’ Agents are Not on Your Side — But I am

If you’re buying a new home and don’t have an agent as your personal advocate you’ll be depending on the company’s agent to be your only source for updates and information on the community. Builders’ agents have a fiduciary responsibility to that builder and an obligation to that builder. When you work with a New Home Buyer’s Agent — me — you’ll get oversight and someone devoted to you getting the new home you want, for the budget you want.

I help you negotiate, leveraging what’s happening in the market and that location. New homes will often have “back pocket” money for incentives on the options for design and closing costs. Delays happen and issues with construction can be a common situation. As your Buyer’s Agent, I steer you through these situations, saving your money and frustration. Buying a home can often be an emotional decision; having a specialized New Home Buyer’s Agent — me —ensures that buying your new home will be a better experience for you overall.

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