“Patti was right there answering all of our questions and making sure we were comfortable with the process.”
– Alexander Yang

“Patti is friendly, professional, and I can’t recommend her enough!”
– R. Sayji

“Patti was such a delight to do my home buying transaction with. I can guarantee she will provide the same experience with you!”
– Yasmine

“Patti struck a perfect balance of knowledgeable professionalism and no pressure.”
– Claire Haggarty

“Patti’s been there every step of the way. She always answered every call and email no matter what time of day or night it was. Her professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated.”
– Frank Kunzfeld

Our Satisfied Clients

As soon as I met Patti we had an instant connection and I am so glad to have met her. She’s very easy to relate to and I felt so comfortable around her from the very start. I felt like our timing was in sync as if God put her in my path for a reason and now I have a great friend on my team. She’s honest and that shows thru her big personality!

I feel like she went out of her way to help me and I am forever indebted. She listened to me and gave me such positive feedback. I learned so much from her wonderful words of wisdom.

Patti is such a breeze to talk to, her smile is infectious. She is very upbeat, very inviting and welcoming! She has a lot to offer. She is friendly, professional, and I can’t recommend her enough!

R. Sayij

San Francisco Bay Area Realtor

I walked into the sales office and was greeted by Patti Norton. She welcomed my kids and me with a nice smile and a pleasant personality. I sold my home and had 2 weeks until closing and nowhere to go. She helped me find a home that was within my budget. She advocated to her sales team for my desire and need to purchase a home. She responded to my texts and emails and informed me throughout the sales process. Patty was such a delight to do my home buying transaction with. I closed escrow in 21 days. Patti has provided such phenomenal experience. She’s been in touch with me after closing escrow and is treated like family. Every now and then, my family and I will pay a visit to her just to check on her and say hello. Patti was such a delight to do my home buying transaction with. I can guarantee she will provide the same experience with you!


Thank you for including me in your email Patti – and thank you for all of your courtesy and assistance today – You struck a perfect balance of knowledgeable professionalism and no pressure. I’ve met many new home reps through my over 40 years in real estate and can honestly say you rank very high. I’m always amazed at how many don’t know “their product” or discount attention to clients I bring because they brought me in as their agent.  I’ll keep you update on their thoughts over the next few days. 

Claire Haggarty

Real Estate and Home Loan Services, NBT Realty Services, Inc.

We hope this finds you doing well.  We have been thinking about you lately, since it was about 1 year ago that we started on this journey with your help. Several times we have been out front when someone stops to say hi. They comment on the great lot with the open space in front and trees behind. We share with them that we had a great agent, who found the exact right place for us!

We have kept busy getting our window treatments completed, more landscaping done, fans installed, and a few other things. Bette is involved in Bocce and loves it. She also has taken 2 art classes and had fun with those. We both have joined the Bunco group I enjoy working out in the pool and have become more involved in the local painting group.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Janet and Bette

Throughout my years as a professional Realtor, owning my own brokerage firm, I have had the experience of purchasing many different homes in various areas of the Bay Area and working along side many Realtors but there was NO one like Patti. As my business  began to grow, I recently found the need and desire to find a community that provided all the aspects my investor  clients were looking for. I spoke to a variety of different builders, sales agents, Realtors that showed me a variety of homes until I found Patti Norton who was one of the representatives.  When making such a large decision of finding the right area and homes to invest, I wanted to work with someone that I could trust.

Throughout the past several months, Patti has been there every step of the way. She has always answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. Her professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. I never felt that she was just trying to sell a house, but that she was a professional through and through to answer my questions and help to navigate through this gigantic new development and that we were making the best decision for our clients. 

Not only has Patti being there for the various home transactions but also which is very important for our business model, she was always there for me and our clients after closing if and when there were any warranty issues that needed to be addressed. She followed through each one of them and getting them all taken care off, which again shows her professionalism not only to close but also to follow through with the right actions afterwards making sure that the clients are very happy with their investments. 

I would highly recommend Patti to anyone that is searching for a new home or has any real estate needs because through her decades of experience in the service sector she is NOT the typical Realtor that you would expect. Once you get to know Patti, you can see how passionate she is in helping, serving and mentoring people. Her interpersonal and intercultural skills allows her to navigate any issues and any client working with her will benefit from this wealth of knowledge immensely. 

Thanks Patti Norton, it was such a pleasure to work with you and I hope our path will cross again in the near future.

Frank Kunzfeld

Broker/ Owner, 101 Realty Services

My wife and I could not be more honored to write a review for Patti Norton! First off, as first time home buyers, my wife and I really did not know where to start or what questions to ask to start this overwhelming process. But, when we walked into Metro Pulte homes, we were greeted by the great smile and great personality of Patti Norton. Right off the bat, Patti was truly patient with us in terms of all the questions we were asking and the willingness of her heart to thoroughly answer all our questions. We even found ourselves asking the same questions over and over but noticed Patti would always be patient in making sure our questions were not only answered but made sure it was what we were looking for.

Throughout the following weeks, Patti was always quick to follow up with us via email and even went as far as to keeping us updated with all the home releases and the home locations that would be to our liking; this mean a lot to us since this showed that Patti was actually listening to what we were describing and showed us that Patti really did care on another level with all of her clients. As my wife and I were ready to make our first home bid, we were more than overwhelmed on what to bid, or how the bidding process was going to work, but yet again, Patti, was right there answering all of our questions and making sure were comfortable with the process beforehand.

Although we did not get selected for the home we wanted, Patti continued to amaze us (keep in mind, we did not ask any of this) by calling us and updating us right away on the whole process and making sure that my wife and I were okay and comforted us in letting us know there are more opportunities to come. What continued to put a big smile on our faces was that Patti let us know when she would be out of the office but make sure we were connected and in great hands while she was out. Small gestures like these we feel are truly hard to come by in this world.

Overall, Patti is someone who made the start of our home buying adventures super easy and not too overwhelming by her warm gestures and caring heart for us. My wife and I knew right away that we were in great hands when we met Patti and felt a huge sense of security and confidence in the information we were getting throughout this whole process. Although my wife and I did not end up with home through Pulte, my wife and I still thought about the kindness of Patti’s heart and character that we came back to thank her for all she did for us! My wife and I did eventually find a home in the Bay Area and have gone through many agents and reps, but Patti, by far the kindest and most genuine person and rep we got work with in the whole housing process. My wife and I say that if we ever had friends that will be considering homes, we would tell them “GO SEE PATTI FIRST AT PULTE HOMES!” because we know they will be greeted by someone who is actually caring and has a warm and sincere heart for those looking for a home.

Speaking from our personal experience, my wife and I truly believe that Patti Norton is someone who will make the home buying experience smooth as possible. Patti, firsthand, gave my wife and I a huge level of confidence and security and knew right away we were in great hands! My wife and I definitely believe Pulte is truly blessed to have Patti Norton on their team and that we are so grateful for Patti’s never-ending hospitality and that we are truly excited for all the future couples and families that Patti will be assisting!

Alexander Yang

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